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Day 1 | Window Winter Wonderland Decorations with Chalk Pen

Cards made with flora and fauna — picked on my morning walks — available now as artwork and cards  HERE   Welcome to DAY 1 in the 6th Annual Creative Calendar.  Our weather’s been the perfect backdrop to kick off the holiday season with snow falling this weekend and as I looked out my window, I

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welcome to willowday

Prints + more for you My ABC Children’s Book | ABC Flower Safari  Arts + Crafts and more  willowday Instagram  About Gina Become a willowday friend and never miss an ABC Flower Safari BOOK Craft, news or idea | HERE  

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ebook: 12 fun things to make FOR SLOW DAYS AT HOME

Hi Friends, As a mother of 3 kids, an artist, a teacher and a friend, I know kids and that slow days are best when you have fun, accessible, easy, projects on hand! Working with my crafty-friend, Karin of Pysselbolaget, we’ve made a gift for you: a special FREE GIFT with 12 fun and easy crafts for

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