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DAY 21 | The Christmas Countdown | Last Minute Gifts

DAY 21 with Lina. Lina’s on-point with last minute solutions. I’m going to hop straight to it! Make last minute give aways notes from Lina:  Oh MY, Christmas party tomorrow and you forgot to buy a gift? Take it easy. Here are a few quick DIY gifts you can make quickly. • Buy some flowers

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DAY 18 | The Christmas Countdown | Laufabrauð, isländskt julbröd | Christmas Bread from Island

DAY 18 : Welcome Anna Maria with today’s Scandinavian project from Island; that’s right, Island; Christmas Bread from Island: “Laufabrauð” Let’s be honest here: not all breads are created equal: can you imagine a more Scandinavian-looking-bread. I’m completely taken with these Islandic treats and  feel so truly appreicative to Anna-Maria to share this very special recipe with us,

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