10 Books for Creatives

NEW Collection available now  Made in Sweden | Flying world wide | HERE  10 Books for Creatives from 10 contributors in the 6th Annual Creative Calendar How’s you’re shopping coming along this year? I think books are so often a wonderful gift to give, easy to buy online — if we can’t peruse bookshops with coffees

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Day 1 | Window Winter Wonderland Decorations with Chalk Pen

Cards made with flora and fauna — picked on my morning walks — available now as artwork and cards  HERE   Welcome to DAY 1 in the 6th Annual Creative Calendar.  Our weather’s been the perfect backdrop to kick off the holiday season with snow falling this weekend and as I looked out my window, I

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6th ANNUAL Creative Collective Advent Calendar

Boxed Sets and Single Card available for the first time | HERE  Made in Sweden | Flying world wide | HERE   Hello Friends, Join me and 25 creatives from around the world for daily posts as we start the 6th ANNUAL Creative Collective Advent Calendar. This project will start here with me, DAY 1 and will

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