My name is Gina. I live in Sweden, between the sea and the city, with my eclectic Swedish-American-French family of thinkers, makers & movers who inspire me daily.  I see magic in every detail around me and making it, too — often with kids: creating —- in our cold Nordic winters;  in the kitchen : jusme or kids on the loose, like these or this from our teen baker ;  celebrating and action.

I’m am artist. You can find some of my art work here | or here | design & illustration | here.   Follow along with weekly flow, projects on the go and more on Instagram. 



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I’m so please to have been awarded: YAHOO logo and text

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Something about me.

While many people imagine that my first name is “Willow,” my willow life actually began on the day that I married and took my husband’s Swedish last name, which sounds to me, like the Swedish word for “willow.” My first name is Gina.  I grew up in the US in a family of largely Scandinavian heritage. This willowday story unfolded itself in Sweden, where I now live in an eclectic, international, home —  in a place where the city meets the sea — with my Swedish-French husband and our 3 children, who inspire and motivate me daily. I’m hopelessly addicted and influenced by all of them.