Welcome to willowdayHello.

I’m Gina. I live in Sweden, between the sea and the city, with my eclectic Swedish-American-French family of thinkers, makers & movers who inspire me daily.  I started this blog as a place to share simple projects that we make at our kitchen table as a way to inspire others to create with kids. My last name sounds like the Swedish word for “willow” and brings so many imaginative thoughts to me that this is how my blog was named. I’m so pleased to meet you here for a “Willow Day” with me and my “wee willows.”

I see whimsical magic in every detail around me and making it, too — often with kids: creating —- in our cold Nordic winters;  in the kitchen : jusme or kids on the loose, like these or this from our teen baker ;  celebrating and action.  

I can not think of a time where I haven’t created with my hands and imagined worlds around me. As a parent, teacher and designer and illustrator, I’m passionate about children and playful everyday. Creating together is a wonderful way to expand imaginations, become a citizen of the world, collaborate and create connection.



 If you’re interested in working together or sharing, you can contact me with an email: willowtweet (at) gmail (dot) com  or via | Instagram  |  Pinterest |  Facebook





MORE GINA VIDE | Artwork and illustration:



I can’t think of a time where I haven’t been drawing or painting. The recent development of portraits done with flora has come both from walks and talks with my kids where we returned home with pockets full of leaves and flowers (like this) along with a very special illustration project.  I used both paper and flora to illustrate the Swedish children’s book, Saga om Confidancen, for the  Swedish Royal Family and Ulriksdal Confidencen Theater.

(Saga om Confidencen | Above)

From the moment the idea for the book was presented, I envisioned it as a theater- within- a theater; hand making a mini-version of the Royal castle and theater with painted cardboard, paper and wood; each character in the story is a hand-painted paper doll.

To mimic the local setting of this real castle, I used seasonal  flowers, twigs and leaves to build each scene. I love art as a place to share my passion for children and imagination and feel so fortunate to have had these opportunities.

Something about me.

While many people imagine that my first name is “Willow,” my willow life actually began on the day that I married and took my husband’s Swedish last name, which sounds to me, like the Swedish word for “willow.” My first name is Gina.  I grew up in the US in a family of largely Scandinavian heritage. This willowday story unfolded itself in Sweden, where I now live in an eclectic, international, home —  in a place where the city meets the sea — with my Swedish-French husband and our 3 children, who inspire and motivate me daily. I’m hopelessly addicted and influenced by all of them.


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