Hi. My name is Gina. Welcome to my blog, willowday, and into my home between the sea and the city in Sweden where I live my eclectic Swedish-American-French family.

With our kitchen table doubling as our art studio, my family and I make and share, simple, projects that we make and do at this table, with our own two hands, for you to make with your own two hands, too. We experiment, play, imagine and get creative with the world around us and hope that if you join us here you feel an invitation to do this, too!

While many people imagine that my first name is “Willow,” my willow life actually began on the day that I married and took my husband’s Swedish last name, which sounds to me, like the Swedish word for “willow.” My first name is Gina.  I grew up in the US in a family of largely Scandinavian heritage. This willowday story unfolded itself in Sweden, where I now live in an eclectic, international, home —  in a place where the city meets the sea — with my Swedish-French husband and our 3 children, who inspire and motivate me daily. I’m hopelessly addicted and influenced by all of them.


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