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DAY 13: The Christmas Countdown: Wreath Ornaments

Hi Friends. Celebrating DAY 13 with Chiara Milott and her Wreath Ornaments. Passing the 1/2 way mark to Christmas Eve with Chiara who’s a self-described: “butcher, baker, mini-party-hat maker (well, not really a butcher, but…..)  feels so very merry. Let’s go.

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DAY 12: The Christmas Countdown: Blue Bird Ornament

Welcome to DAY 12 | Make Blue Bird Ornaments. Aren’t they “tweet?” Find the Blue Bird Ornament pattern, below, along with a special invitation from today’s contributor, Trixi of Coloured Buttons and the Children’s Museum of the Arts, New York City. 

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DAY 9: The Christmas Countdown: SNOW GLOBE

Welcome to THE CREATIVE CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN, DAY 9 | Snow Globe Today, I’m very happy to welcome newest contributor, Karen who is a photographer with a blog, A life in Kodacolor and her lovely Snow Globe tutorial that she and her daughter will show you how to make.

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