1 Dozen + Funny Bunnies

Here are over one dozen Funny Bunnies for you or your kids to make! We have no shortage of funny bunny love and I’ve counted more than one dozen, willowday,  funny bunny ideas: Bunnies in the kitchen. Bunnies on the table. Bunnies Baskets and Bunny Jewellery.

Hop below to find just the right funny bunny for you.

Bunny Baskets 

Bunny Cards with Printable 

Bunny Bark 

Bunny Necklace 

Dry Erase Cards | HERE 

Champagne Cork Bunnies

Madeline Bunnies

Naturally Colored Bunny Cupcakes

Make a Bunny Sandwich

Make a Bunny Pencil Topper 

Make a Bunny Orange 

Make a Bunny Shadow Puppet

Make a Meringue Bunny 

Pussy Willow Bunnies 

Make Mini Bunny Baskets with printable