Welcome to  24 Days of Scandinavian Christmas with today’s returning guest, Helena Lyth.

A greeting from Helena:

The calendar is in it’s 4th year and has been a gang of creatives who’ve gotten to know one another just through visiting one another on each other’s blogs and posts which lead to the chance to meet. One Autumn day, we took the first steps to begin a calendar where we passed the baton from one to another.  After initiating the project, last year year and now this one, Gina has been the captan of the ship; steering it from the 1st to the 24th. Not only continuing it but, developing it, too. The calendar is filled with many creative blogs and inspiration. —- Helena.

It’s a pleasure to have Helena return with this beautiful wrap. For the full post: Wrap a Present with Paper Rolls, Continue to Helena Lyth for the FULL POST ( here)



I hope you’re enjoying this series as much as I am. Thank you Helena

Did you see yesterday’s, DAY 15, post with Melissa of Lulu the Baker? 

Tomorrow, DAY 17, Siforellana .  Click (here) for an overview of the full project. 

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