24 Days of Scandinavian Christmas Creativity returns

4, 3, 2, 1!  Mark your calendars for travel with me and 23 other Scandinavian or Scandinavian-inspired Creatives this FRIDAY, December 1 for 24 Days of Scandinavian Creativity. Planning this “24 Days of Scandinavian Creativity” has become a highlight for me.  It’s such a humble pleasure for me to bring new and old talents to you from Sweden, Denmark, Norwary, England and the US.

vian Creativity” has become a highlight for me.  It’s such a humble pleasure for me to bring new and old talents to you from Sweden, Denmark, Norwary, England and the US.

In a nutshell: This 4th, “24 Days of Scandinavian Creativity” will bring:

  • 1 Scandinavian-inspired project every single day for 24 days.
  • 24 Scandinavian or Scandinavian-inspired Creatives*
  • I’ve stream lined the sharing process for you this year and will publish each post with a link to the creative, so that you can get to know more about them, on willowday. This means 24 daily posts right to you in-basket.

Sofia of Mokkasin Mari Strenghielm | Den Kreativa Sky (Denmark) | Sif of siforrelana | Mina of Minipiccolini Hanna Wendelbo | Karin Schaefer of pysselbolaget and co-founder | Marie of musqotdesign| Britt of  remains of the day  | Lina of Lina by the Bay | Ann-Maria of dnilva | Malin pastillnu |  Chiara Milott (contributor to Oh Happy Day)   | Nathalie and Matilda of Babes in Boyland | Melissa of Lulu the Baker | Helena of helenalyth | Liasfarmlife + a Tribe called Life |  | Mia of Miakinoko  |  Annelie of anneliesblomsterochbakverk | Merrilee Liddard of Mer Mag |  | Ane of anekirstine.bilde | Ulrika of Kriis Kitchen Dörte of Lewesmapstore | Gina of willowday  | willowday | Wrapping Paper Pompoms

 TCC DAYS 1-6.sidey-by-sdie

Join us, for this 4th Annual Collaboration if you like Scandinavian design, travel, entertaining,  handcrafts and culture — or want to know more . Do you have have Scandinavian friends, colleagues or relatives or an urge to travel here? Are you looking for a creative holiday injection from the north?  We’re happy if you invite them to join, too.

Whether you’re creating with kids or adults, mindfully on your own or as a group, there is a post for everyone in this project and a chance to visit us up here in the north! See you here on Friday, December 1!  We invite you to bring along a friend or two on this, one-of-a-kind, Scandinavian collaborative project.

f you’d like to check out all of the project’s we’ve created in the first 3 years, here’s a post for you  to peruse our first 3 Years of 24 Days of Scandinavian Creativity | HERE


 START HERE | day 1 | in the Fourth Annual 24 Days of Scandinavian Christmas Creativity 



4 dagar till “The Creative Collective Sweden” 24 kreativa dagar. 24 kreativa dagar är en julkalender från the Creative Collective med inspiration och idéer för en mer kreativ jul. Varje dag i december presenteras ett nytt projekt – något att skapa, baka eller bara göra. Var och en av oss kommer att i tur och ordning ge er pysselidéer, matinspiration, foto- och dukningstips på våra respektive bloggar. Kalendern kommer alltså att vandra mellan oss och vi kommer att göra allt för att ni lätt ska kunna hänga med.

willowday skickar hela kalendern varje dag. Vi har också en gemensam Facebooksida ,  Instagram |  Pinterest board.


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