Father’s Day: 10 things to make for Dad

Father’s Day: 10 things to make for Dad: Super Dad Pillowcase |  2. Hamburger Cupcakes | 3. Printable SUPERDAD 3D Cards | 4. Handprint Father’s Day Card |  5. Father’s Day Etched Grill Set | 6. DIY ALPHABET CONTAINER | 7. Mustache Stencil Card | 8. Bow Tie Napkin | 9 D-A-D Muffins | 10  Secret Storage Book

Father’s Day: 10 things to make for Dad:

I’ve rounded up 10  kid- tested and approved projects to make for Dad on Father’s Day. These ten projects also come with a Dad tested seal of approval. We’ve made all of these projects for Dad on Father’s Day and on other Dad occasions.I hope this will give you some Father’s Day inspiration.


Father’s Day: 10 things to make for Dad:

1. Even Superdads need to rest. Make Dad a Super Dad Pillowcase

2. Have a “Papa Picnic” and  make Hamburger Cupcakes to celebrate Dad.

3. Printable SUPERDAD 3D Cards are a wonderful way to personize a card for Dad. Template and instructions make this a super Father’s Day card for kids to draw their very own SUPER DAD.

4.  Made Dad a Handprint Father’s Day Card.

5. If you’re looking for a super big kid Father’s Day Project or one that’s boy-approved, this is the present. Make a Father’s Day Etched Grill Set. 

6. Sculpt D-A-D a clay container for trinkets and special items. Make a DIY ALPHABET CONTAINER .  These remain an all time favorite with me and many others. Leaving tiny finger prints on the surface only adds to the memento but, these can be burnished to look like they’ve been both at a high end store, as well.

7. Print a Mustache Stencil Card.  These are a 2-for-1 item. You make and print the card. Dad can stencil a cocoa mustache on top of his Latte’s or Cakes! Or use the template to create a full Mustache Father’s Day Theme.

8. Make a Bow Tie Napkin for Father’s Day Brunch.

9. Make D-A-D Muffins with this Alphabet Muffin recipe and tutorial.

10. Make Dad his very own Secret Storage Book.  These are not only functional and cool; these can be personalised by find a meaningly book for the project! Dad can storage valuables or keepsakes of her very own in these treasure keepers.

BONUS: Wraps I love: Pocket Gift Wrap | Hug Gift Wrap Tie Wrappings. 


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