Entertaining with Kids: Stacked Rock Place Settings

It’s that time of of year: time for easy entertaining.

I love table settings as a creative way to invite kids to help prepare and become involved in a dinner party and all that making dining an experience.

Kids Rock PicnicLEADFELIX
When they do, I think it deepens children’s experiences of dining and invites kids right into the art of a meal — and conversation.

These can come from so many conversation inspiring places:
Rocks they’ve painted.
Rocks they’ve brought back from the beach
Rocks collected on a nature walk just for the special occasion.

When turned into Stacked Rock Place Settings, these can be a showcase for kids to share their artwork or a conversational prompt at the diner table.

All kids can make Stacked Rock Place settings, from the very small to the very tall. In fact,  adults, this is where you can find that kid-at-heart- in you, too!

So, I invite you to Rock Summer Entertaining with kids!

Kids Rock PicnicLEAD3

Hi. We’re in the middle of a sun filled, holiday long weekend in Sweden. Happy Memorial Day to those in the US. Are there others who have a holiday weekend, too

Kids Rock PicnicSTEPBYSTEPI don’t think you need a tutorial for this idea but, I hope it easily inspires you!
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Kids Rock Picnicmood

One of my favorite travel ideas is to always throw in colourful finger nail polish for rock painting (like this) but, it works perfectly as a method at home, too. If you’re looking for a fun wearable rock project, make THESE  (click here) 

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