12 Paper Valentines Projects

If I can’t hand each and every one of you a dozen roses, I CAN hand you a dozen, super-simple, PAPER VALENTINE Projects from willowday!

(If I could, I would wrap them like #7. You could count on that!)  

Join me below for your dozen, 12 Paper Valentines Projects from willowday.

With 12 Paper Valentine Projects, all together in one place, I hope that you gain extra time for all that’s important with one easy source for Valentine Paper essentials that fill your imagination.  

Starting from above: 12 Paper Valentines Projects




Let’s make it a Baker’s Dozen:

MADMIMI_Val_Bingo_1600Printable Valantine’s BINGO | HERE


I want to bring you the gift of ease by pulling out 12 Paper Valentine Projects that are freshly favorite Valentine project that I’ve picked just for you! Each one of these projects passed the “made me smile” test; are very simple paper based projects or have a paper printable to lead you to to creating all of the Valentine L-O-V-E you’d like!   

Thank you, as always, for stopping by and spreading the love + creativity! If you use or are inspired by any of my tutorials, I would just love to see what you do! 


Willowday Wishes

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