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Gently, gently easing into January with snowflakes. This week I’m sharing a new type of snowflake for the coming season and young and old: Paper Cut Hearts from snowflakes.  I think they’re magical every time these unfold. The past month has brought a lot of practice with traditional (and not so traditional) snowflakes.  Starting the year with the purity of a simple paper project feels like a wonderful start of the new year. Come create with me. (template included)

Make these Paper Cut Hearts together or have the kids make personalise Valentine’s Day Cards using this template and idea. Or just make Heart Snowflakes. Although we’re not shifting yet to Valentine’s Day, today, I’m participating in Maggy, from redtedart’s,  31 Days of Love project with this project and template to get you going. 

Earlier this week,  we celebrated the day with Gateau des Rois (here. )  If we follow local, Swedish, custom, we’ll keep our tree up until the 13th! I did make the Piñata Tree Ornaments with this in mind.  Let’s see if our tree continues to hold it’s needles: so far,  so good! January 13th is the official “tree removal holiday” in Sweden and a day where little kids are often organised at pre-schools for parties that include dancing, their last Christmas candy and removal of Christmas Trees.  If no “mice” have snuck into our tree while we’ve been away, I hope to have a tiny, tree-removal party here and have possibly saved the best chocolates for the last inside the Piñatas.

Continue over to Maggy at redtedart’s 31 Days of Love  for our full Paper Cut Heart post and template | here|

Follow your heart and let inspiration guide you.


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