DIY Snowball Print Wrapping Paper for KIDS and GIVEAWAY

main_barpost_doubleIt’s Kid’s Maker’s Monday at willowday and I have 3 things that I can’t wait to share with you:

  • A kid-tested, super fun, project for kids
  • A creative talented friend
    This is such a perfect project for kids.  Follow me below and I’ll share more about all 3 Monday Mini-Maker Treats!



Hello Makers! This is SUCH a fun project with kids and you’ll also feel like Santa! Make Snowball Print Wrapping Paper for KIDS. I was inspired to use a super-fun process that Bar Rucci uses in her new book, Art Workshop for Children to make this Snowball Print Wrapping Paper for kids. I prepped by cutting and  setting out layer upon layer of craft paper, white paint and muffin tins. Yes: muffin tins. 

When I was looking through my copy of my friend, Bar’s book “Art Workshop for Children, I saw that she shared printing with muffin tins.  I loved the idea. I thought it was a great lure for big, busy kids, although I can also imagine the wonder it induces in pre-schoolers! With this “invitation” to create, set out on our kitchen table; by the end of the day, we had enough snowball and snowman wrapping paper for all of our needs. This  kid-fun project is collaborative if you’d like; solo for the solitairy creator and useful! Wrapping paper is such a fun handmade element to create for kids. 

Materials for Snowball Print Wrapping Paper

Paint, muffins tins, paper (We used craft paper but, anything works)


  • Cover backs of muffin tins with paint
  • Turn tin over and press paint covered tin onto the paper.
  • Let dry
  • Embellish if you’d like!
  • Wraps, ready for the holidays! Snowball Print Wrapping Paper made by kids!

We happened to have cupcake tins in several sizes which I also set out and ended up finding a match so that we could create double prints and snowman.

If you don’t have tins that would match, you could also print a first printing with a large tin, then return with a smaller cup to print the heads. Let these dry and later return to embellish Snow Men!

muffintimwrappings_how-tobI feel like Santa: I’m giving away ONE Art Workshop for Children, BOOK TODAY!
You have until WEDNESDAY morning, at 6 AM, to enter. (December 14)


If you’re an art teacher to pre-school or elementary school children, then, you might already know Bar’s work. If not, I’m so very happy to share her blog and book with you. Bar is a natural, joyous, creator and shares generously in her book “Art Workshop for Children,  Betsy McKenna, collaborated with Bar and is a specialist in Reggio Emilio with decades of hands on knowledge and authority that she’s also contributed to the book. I feel extra lucky to have also met Betsy who, too, is an absolutely wonderful person. I could easily spend days with these two creating and talking — sharing their passion with children, creativity and learning.

There are whole sections in this book on setting up an art area and hanging your child’s art, and just lots of inspiration. I really think you will love it. Out of the 27 workshops, only two are from Bar’s blog, so 25 new ideas! I could go on and on but, instead: will use action: take a look for yourself at  the ART BAR BLOG.



To Enter:

  • WRITE A COMMENT BELOW, or on  willowday’s INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK PAGE with this post to enter and WIN the BOOK GIVEAWAY!
  • I will close this at 6 AM on Wednesday morning, December 14
  • Names will be pulled from a hat and shared with you!

Happy Monday. Happy Making. Happy discoveries to you,  today.

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