DAY 1 | Piñata Tree Ornaments

post_tcc_2016_pinata_final_mainDAY 1 | Piñata Tree Ornaments

Happy December. Welcome to Day 1 in  “The Creative Collective Sweden’s: 24 Days of Creativity Calendar.”  The guests and the entire month have me seeing rainbows; gingerbread rainbows, actually. I suspect that when you see the guest list below, you’ll feel the same. I’m so thrilled and relieved to finally be able to say, “Let’s go.” 


If you’re already a follower of willowday, then you know that I’m attacted to projects that can have multiple uses.  I think these piñata are that kind of project:
– ornaments
– table decoration
– gifts
– advent calendars.
I can’t wait to see what you do with these. 

post_tcc_2016_pinata_mainYou need:

Paper Hats (Use store purchased or make your own using this template | Click here) 

Tissue or Crepe Paper

Scissors (optional: Fringe Scissors, if you have these)

Glue Gun


Wooden Skewer, if making the variation with the tree trunk

Candy or Toys

Let’s Make:

Start by assembling the hats.


post_tcc_2016_pinata_steps_d– Cut ribbon to size and adhere to the top of the hat with glue gun. 

– FrInge Crepe or Tissue Paper in long strips.

post_tcc_2016_pinata_steps_e— Cut Paper Circles that will cover the bottom of the hat. 

post_tcc_2016_pinata_steps_bThese can be made with matching paper or tissue paper.

post_tcc_2016_pinata_steps_cPlace Candy and Treats in the middle of the circle,

Apply glue to the outer edges of the circle and press the hat in place so that it closes.

After the cone has been filled and sealed, adhere fringe around the outside of the cone. 

Once this is dry, your ornaments are ready!

Remember: these aren’t just pretty, these ornaments are meant for action, as well.

When party time comes, pop open the bottom and enjoy!

Optional: if you’d like to have a tree on a long wooden trunk there are two steps to add before filling the cone with candy.

  • Fill inside point of the hat with glue and press the wooden skewer into this
  • Let cool.
  • Once this is cool, fill the cone with candy or treats then, delicately mark the middle of the paper base or make a very very small hole. Slide the wooden skewer through the base and then adhere the base to the cone, as above. 
  • The hot glue is perfect for creating a stable base to hold the wooden skew. 

I’d love to see what you do with this tutorial and if you I’d love to hear from you on my Facebook page (here) or Instagram ( here)  

Calender and DAY 2:

Friends, tomorrow, I’m pinching myself that we have an “honorary” Scandinavian inspired super-creator: Brittany Jepsen of The House that Lars Built joining our calendar for DAY 2.

I was fortunate to start blogging during Brittany’s last year in Denmark. Brittany was already on her forward moving path but, she always took time be create a warm and inviting creative community and atmosphere along with producing amazingly articulated, creative ideas. Even though I felt as though I was still trying to figure out how to flow text around images at that time, I pinched myself, when I was invited to join The House that Lars Built Advent Calander,  that year (HERE) . It still makes me feel like standing just a little taller. (Thank you, Brittany.)  I feel so humble + excited to have Brittany join us here with us tomorrow.  If Brittany’s blog, The House that Lars Built is new to you, then I feel like I’ve gifted you a present!   She always makes me smile and leaves me feeling that world is beautiful and dreamy.   I can’t wait to join you tomorrow for: Dec 2  | House that Lars Built .


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2016 The Creative Collective Calender:


1 Thurs/ torsdag Dec 1 Dec Gina  |  willowday : Piñata Tree Ornements 

2 Fri/fredag          Dec 2 Brittany | House that Lars Built Printable St. Lucia Crown


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“Let it snow and let the fun begin.”

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to meeting you regularly there throughout the month of December. I have several super fun things, just for youover the next three weeks, including a very special gift for subscribers only.  Stay tuned for more!

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