Dala Horse Snowflakes | Moose Snowflakes | Snowman Snowflakes

Make Dala Horse Snowflakes | Moose Snowflakes | Snowman Snowflakes with template below.
“Horses and Snowmen and Moose, oh my!” 
Come follow the Snowflake filled road below.
1600_snowflake_maincescaphoto_b1600_snowflake_maincescaphotoI can’t think of a more literal way to put Scandinavian Snow into your own two hands than these: Print your own Free Printable Dala Horses, Snowmen and Moose Snowflake today.  1600_snowflake_multiI’m thinking of these snowflake being your tickets to travel to Sweden without having to jump on a plane.

Just print out these 3 Swedish Snowflakes to join us this season.
Print templates for these 3 Swedish Motifs: Snowflakes + Swedish Dala Horses, Snowmen and Moose!

Print your Swedish Dala Horse Snowflake Template | HERE

Print your Snowman Snowflake Template | HERE

Print Moose Snowflake Template | HERE


To make these:


1600_snowflake_ontableLike chocolate, I can’t just at just stop of one snowflake. I dare you to try.  I thought these snowflakes up as a way to lure my oldest kids to the table with me and as a project that I wanted to share with you.  I really like projects that are side-by-side projects: ones that can go in to many different directions for many ages and I’d love to see what you do with these, too! If you are an adult or have bigger kids, then, go ahead and use an xacto-knife; but, I did have small kids in mind, as well. I teach English to a class of 6 and 7 year olds and we’ll be making these in class next week.  If you use this tutorial, I’d love to see yours. You can mail me or share on Instagram  or  Facebook.

1600_snowflake_snowmanmain1600_snowflake_red_cesca_bAlthough we combine many traditions in our household, Swedish Christmas is truly so lovely and hands on — we are filling our window with paper stars and have started baking but have big kitchen plans this weekend. Have you been following along with The Creative Collective’s 24 Days of Scandinavian Creativity? I feel like a kid before Christmas every morning as I wait for each day’s post. You can see the full list here.

Today, DAY 9,  shared a beautiful Saffron Cake.  DAY 10, Tomorrow, I’m just so so pleased to have this opportunity to bring  Paul Lowe over the sea to join us, tomorrow. You may know his magazine, SWEET PAUL and oh, how swee it is! No sleeping in, for me! I can hardly wait to see what he’s going to share.  Sunday, it’s us! I hope we’ll meet you right back here, we’re on with DAY 11. Our project is ready and waiting for you on Sunday morning.  Did you catch the Piñata Ornaments that we shared with you on DAY 1? 

If you’re a subscriber to willowday day, than I’m hoping you’ve received a mail from me with a special gift that I’m now sharing with all readers, here.  I have a few special items that will still be coming for subscribers only, as a special thank you for meeting me here. I appreciate you so much and as a celebration of you and my new platform, I’ve worked extra hard this week to share THREE Printables for you this week. In addition to today’s 3 snow flakes:

VIsiting Stockholm?  Here’s a list of what to do here with kids | CLICK HERE |


Willow Wishes!

MAKE DIY DALA HORSE BOXES | HERE | Perfect as a craft, for gift giving, place setting or as a toydalahorse_post_main1600_double

I love to see what you do with these tutorials! Willowday Wishes.

If you’re looking for more projects to make,  | HERE |  or items from the kitchen | HERE | 

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I’m so happy to meet you here and to meet your friends. Thank you for joining me and thank you for spreading the word to make the world a happy place to raise happy, healthy, creative young movers and makers with me!  Willowday Wishes


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