Mini- Cranberry wreaths

With the teeniest of efforts, a bold start: jump into the coming season:

Make mini- Cranberry wreaths.

A small weekend hello, from our breakfast table, which was set with leaves from a morning walk and every changing  assortment of people and ideas of breakfast.




And, cranberries.


Cranberries are so beautiful that I don’t mind having an open bowl sitting in the  middle of the kitchen and decided to do just that.  Since all that’s needed for these is cranberries and paper clips, it’s an easy set up and I’m looking forward to see how many of these mini-wreaths, we have by weekend’s end.


  1. Cranberries and 2. Large Wire Paper Clip


– Open large wire paper clip and form into a circle

– Lace cranberries onto the wire

– Close the end by squeezing the circle together and pressing a final binding berry into this gap space.

– Thread onto ribbon and you’re wreaths are ready to go






I’ve been making them all week long and was so happy with the experiment of adding these  to one of our on-going leaf wreaths. If you’re looking for a small variation on this leaf wreath, I shared ours on Instagram this week and you can continue here for the Leaf Wreath Tutorial ( HERE), as well.

If you’re looking for a seasonal project for kids (or planning a Woodland Birthday Party) I don’t want you to miss yesterday’s post: Leaf Fairy Puppets (with Printable)



I’d love to see what you do and how this tutorial has helped you. Don’t hesitate to share these with us on Facebook or Instagram. Use the #willowdayproject tag!

Happy Weekend to you all! I hope this post will round up a few areas for you, depending on your interests! If you’re on Instagram, join me in this week’s hashtag #sgiew_home! Willowday Wishes!

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… teeny cranberry wreaths as toppers


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