DIY Unicorn Bank

Ready for a weekend project with your kids?  Who can resist a Unicorn?
These simple little DIY Unicorn Banks are made with materials you already have at home but are any thing but ordinary and are just waiting for you!

I created these to be a functional bank but, oh, even I can hardly resist the urge to play, too!


Jump below with us or maybe fly?
Let’s get started:
Box (If you’d like to make the same size we’ve made, use a recycled Tea Box)
White Paint
Paint Brush
Cutting Utensil: scissors or Xacto Knife
Decoration Materials: Washi Tape, Duct Tape, Markers, Paint, Glitter or decals.
(Adhesive may be used if you need reinforcement. I used a glue gun on a few of these banks to seal gaping corners.) 
1. Start by cutting out the extra parts you will need. You will need:
one head, two legs and one tail from cardboard (see illustration below)
2. Paint all pieces a uniform color (or cover with duct tape).
Let dry.
3. Decorate to add features and details.
4. Cut Hole on Top for coins and slits for: head, legs (x2) and tail.
5. Slide Head, legs and tail into place.
I like the tea sized boxes for the DIY Unicorn Banks both for their size and also due to their construction. If you use the boxes that fold open on the top, they make it easy to retrieve the money later and won’t damage the bank so that you can use these again and again.
This school year, I’ve been teaching some private Art Camps. I absolutely love this interchange and have two themes running through my thoughts, as I think through project I want to make with them:
– projects made with every day objects
– projects with a function
I can’t wait to make these with groups again and again. As I looked at ours, I also can easily image this unicorns coming to play or to be filled with treats for a party. If you use this tutorial, I love to see what you do with us and would love it if you share! on Instagram or Facebook. Use #willowdayproject 
I hustled to share this project a little ahead of schedule with you today due to a special project. My friend Karin at Pysselbolaget started a fund for “Världens Barn encouraging conversation, creating and giving”  The project will be completed tomorrow but, the intend and idea have been born and I hope will bring more good. If you live in Sweden, just click on the link for more.
I wish you a wonderful weekend! 
Have you had the chance to try this beautiful idea to cakes and cupcakes yet? or are you like us and starting to feel a little Halloween. I’m adding these to our weekend soup.
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