DIY Leaf Masks

Fall for Fall and make Leaf Masks.
With the fall colours springing magic in the air, can you resist the color or the leaves. I find my front door with a new spread daily.
Uncomplicated beauty and fun: Leaf masks are perfect for creative play, additions to custumes or just for fun. If not for you, why not for a pumpkin? (here) or (here)
Continue below for tips for making and printable template.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve recently held Art Camps. I honestly can’t pick a favourite thing that we’ve made; but, making these Leaf Masks, over the past week,  feels so important to get into your hands this time of the year. Have you made Leaf Masks before? I love leaf making, in general, for so many ways because it combines time spent outdoors together + creativity.  The kids and I have always endless gotten inspiration from items from nature that come home with us and find a second life (like this this, this + this, for example)
500_art_camp_leaf_masks_pair 500_art_camp_leaf_masks_pair_making


leaves, paper mask, adhesive (we used hot glue but, glue sticks work for your kids, as well.)



1. Gather leaves.

2. Gather Paper Mask Template

– (PDF pattern for Mask Template | click here )


You can also create your own Paper mask, based on your child’s face by drawing it to size; purchase pre-made from a store or use our template: Mask Template | click here  (If using the template or making your own: draw, cut, add holes for eyes will be and punch holes for string.

3. Glue leaves to mask


To insure success, I picked leaves the day before, had these pressed and arranged in the middle of the table, like an invitation. I picked leaves who’s shapes were complete with very few blemishes; all sizes and colours. In addition to the baskets the kids picked, I had these leaves available in the center so that they could choose from the array and add these to their own masks. Some completely filled in their masks and others only decorated a portion — all were beautiful!

I was thrilled with how they turned out and the fact that the kids wanted to wear their masks throughout our making session! If you look closely, you can even see that the kids asked for pens and embellished these further.


– Pick extra leaves that are in good condition
-Think out a pattern before gluing
-Think about where your nose and eyes will be under the mask before adhering leaves
(The masks would be uncomfortable, for example, if sharp leaves are stabbing cheeks or accidentally covering eyes.)
– I like to creating from the middle out, or from the outside in — encouraging thoughts of pattern and symmetry before hand.
-If these will be worn more than once, lay them flat to dry. You may also press them under books.

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