Trick for Fresh Flower Cake Toppers

Top cakes with Fresh Flowers

Just in time
– for the weekend
– for a party 
– or just because. 

Here is the easiest technique to make the most beautiful flower-topped cakes. I think that they’re a dreamy addition to the day and this technique makes decorating with fresh flowerspiece of cake. 

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This past weekend we had reasons to celebrate and while I loved the art of piping buttercream roses, daisies and dahlia, as a kid; these days, I reach for simplicity and things of beauty in the world around me (healthier, too — but, shhh, don’t tell my kids!).
I think cakes decorated with fresh flowers are so absolutely stunning — almost beautiful enough to wear! These cakes double as a centrepiece and are put together so easily, it’s almost embarrassing.

(But, don’t be! They’re so uniquely beautiful and give you extra time to do something else beside clean pastry piping bags and standing in the kitchen. You’ll be able to put on that last flick of lip gloss.) 
Pick up this piece-of-cake trick for cake decorating with me below.
Let’s start:
Paper Straws
a Cake (or cupcakes | here)


That’s all folks.

It’s almost beyond-words-simple, but, just in case you’re unsure, yes: this is what you do:

1. Pick Fresh Flowers
In this cake, I used Dahlias.
2. Wash and dry flowers
In case you were wondering what showy flowers you can use for decorating,
these are 5 common flowers that are edible that I love:Carnations (which I used above with the edible Dahlia’s)
Day Lilies
Dandelions |here
Lilac | Lilac Llama Cupcake Toppers
Nasturtiums 3. Cut Straws
– Estimate the flower length you could like to have.
– Cut paper straws slightly longer than the stem length in order to accommodate the the straw length that is needed to slide into the cake to hold the straw upright and to accommodate the weight of the flower. These don’t have to be much longer but, for these: I cut our straws approximately 1 1/2 inches (or 6 cm) longer than the flower stems.4. Press Straws into cake5. Place Flowers into the straws

6. Our cake is party ready!
If you have room in your refrigerator, the decorated cake can be refrigerated before serving.
To assure that the flowers stay perky, serve in an hour.If you would like another tutorials, check this one out, using the same technique but, for cupcakes last Autumn__** My local source is the “Self-picking area” at Ulriksdals Trägård (here)  and our own garden so I knew that they were organic and purely natural.


I was holding off to share this Fresh Flower Cake Toppers post with you because I’m working on some things behind the scenes and thought I’d wait until I had those kinks worked out; however, I wanted this idea to get into your hands. I hope you give it a try and, as always, I love to see what you do with my tutorials!

Since I’ve said, this much, I’m going to continue to write on; unrehearsed. When I started this blog, I really didn’t know how blogs worked or where it would go.  The only person I confided in with what I had started was my sister. I was working both a freelance designer + illustrator, taugh part-time- elementary school English and enveloped in parenthood. My intention was to pass along everyday inspiration, joys and creativity that wasn’t exactly highlighting us, but to inspire you.

The novice blogging skills that I had, as I started willowday, made learning how to flow text around photos and to find (and read) statistics (how did “42 people in Russia” find willowday?) an exciting experiment.

In my first month, I thought my blog must have been broken as I watched it’s views leap by thousands of readers per minute; later learning that a project had gone viral (here.)   The fact still humbles and ignites me to meet you here. 

Thank you so much for meeting me here.
Thank you for spreading willowday and willowday projects.

In this journey, I’ve met some amazing people both here as readers and have had the great opportunity to work with some amazing creatives and companies, like (design mom ,  handmade charlotte, sweetpaul, ICA, for example.) I am motivated for you to leave here feeling inspired and to add this to your everyday.

My family is growing — I remain head over heels addicted and dazzled with how babies become toddlers, then kids, then big kids and… teens  —- up to my arms on the weekend with flour on our cheeks, mud on our boots, flowers on our table tops, paint on our table tops, music in the air and going places — between busy kid schedules and homework.  I feel so fortunate to live in a house of creativity, sharing and caring — and, with the kids, whom I affectionately refer to as citizens-of-the-world, now, at school all day, I have days that I can use differently which is exciting.

I’ve felt able to share photos on Instagram, but, unable to keep up with the posts I’d like to share here; however, I’m currently  cutting, pasting, nailing and sawing willowday’s “home base” and re-working the blog.

While I’m tinkering technicality behind the scenes, I hope that you will look through the archives and I look forward to meeting you here with some new things soon!

Willowday Wishes!


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