Ginger Bread Houses with Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ginger Bread Houses in a pinch of time.
I love baking cookies and making Ginger Bread Houses for the holidays but, sometimes it’s tricky to  find the time and when I looked at ordinary Ice Cream Sandwiches one day, had an idea. (After all, isn’t food on a stick an instant party?)

In Sweden, around the holidays, we can find Ginger Bread Ice Cream Sandwiches at the local market. This gave me an idea to make little Ginger Bread Houses with Ice Cream Sandwiches as treats to have on hand for quick party additions. Since some like gingerbread and some like chocolate, we’ve made these using both the gingerbread variations and, the above, chocolate.

Either way, I hope that you have fun adding a village of small Ginger Bread Houses to you holidays!

This is what you’ll need:
–  Ice Cream Sandwiches
–  I sharp knife.
– Icing for piping, an optional alternative
– Candy Canes and if you don’t have these, use tradition stir sticks.
1. Cut the roof but cutting at a diagonal or look at our other example for a more traditional Swedish roof line.
– Notch out the door and windows and flip away the cookie with a twist of the knife.
If there are cookie crumbs, just use the point of the knife to scrape away these crumbs.
– You can use the icing for embellishments to draw pattern or if you prefer: or both, as you can see below.
Happy Making!

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