Easter Project: Make Cork Bunnies

Happy Friday! We’re hopping into Easter making here. I’m drawn to projects that can be useful as well as handmade and these are an all-ages project just like that: Bunny Place Card Holders!


We’ve given our bunnies a little table testing and can’t wait for Easter.  I can really imagine making bunnies and little shoe box houses with small children, too.  These Cork Bunnies are a  really fun group project which we experienced first hand, because our daughter and I made

these with Karin and Freya, over at pysselbolaget and had a lot of fun and many bunny variations! Hop below to learn more and how to make these, too!




These are a perfect project for the corks you’ve been saving — champagne or from any corked beverage.


Let’s get started:

This is what you’ll need:


Materials:Champagne Corks (Or any beverage corks)

White Paint

Paint Brush

White + Pink Washi Tape

Paint or Permenant Markers: Black and Pink

1 white bead

Glue Gun




Paint corks white.

Let dry.


– Paint or draw on face, once white paint is dry.

– Let dry.

– Cut ears. You will leave a little extra length of the white that will attach to the bunny.

(To make the ears that we’ve made, cut a white ear and then, a smaller pink ear to fit inside the white ear)

– Attach ears.

– Glue white bead in place with glue gun.




– If you would like to add a tutu, snip and fringe once piece of pink tissue paper that can wrap around the bunny.

– Using double sided tape, attach the tutu to the bunny



How to Make Cork Bunny Place Card Holders:

– Cut Paper Name Tag. Leave extra length in order to be able to attach to toothpick.

– Place Double-sided Tape along the end

– Attach the Name Tag to the Toothpick

– Press Toothpick into Cork

– Enjoy!

These can be used again and again.

Happy Making and as always, I’d love to see how you use this tutorial. Thank you Pysselbolaget  for the fun we had making these and preparing for Spring together! Go visit Karin, Freya and their bunnies over at pysselbolaget, too!


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