Easter Candy Bark


Hi friends. We think Candy Bark is almost a miracle.  Are you in the mood for making?  It’s one of the easiest treats you’ll ever make, is infinitely adaptable and can be very original.   Candy Bark can satisfy an artist, a child or make a beautiful, sophicated Hostess Gift. Whether you’re making these with kids or you’re off to Downton with the gals: choose candy or pick Violets. Come with us below and I’ll show you how.




Follow along to see what we made and how we made it! 

White Chocolate, Easter candy such as: Jelly Beans, Sliced Peeps, Crushed Candy Covered Chocolate Eggs + Dark Chocolate
Plus: Double Boiler, Baking Paper
How to Make Easter Candy Bark:
– Melt White Chocolate in a Double-boiler.

– Pour White Chocolate onto a sheet of Baking Paper.

– Smooth with spatula, as necessary.


Add details!

We added:
Jelly Beans, Sliced Peeps, Crushed Candy Covered Chocolate Eggs + Dark Chocolate to create a marbled chocolate bark and for decorating! 
1. Sprinkle White Chocolate with Easter Candy! Above we used Jelly Beans + Peeps.
2. Marbled Chocolate Candy:
– Layer Dark Chocolate over White Chocolate.
. Sprinkle with Crushed Candy Covered Easter Eggs
– Marble but drawing a knife in a parallel pattern through the chocolate.
-Let Cool.
3. Paint with chocolate to make: Modern Chocolate Bunnies:
– Pipe Dark Chocolate onto the White Chocolate Bottom.
– Let Cool.
(I love making these and have used the chocolate as paint in several different ways: 1) fill a piping bag and draw details 2. Use a brush and paint with dark chocolate on the white chocolate once the white chocolate is cool 3. Fill a container with a lip and pour the chocolate in a pattern. )
4. Fresh Flower Candy Bark:
Add fresh edible flowers to the bark!
Once the Candy Bark Cools, break into smaller pieces, serve and enjoy.


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