Create your very own outdoor ice gallery with one-of-a-kind works of art. Yes, these are perfectly white blank canvases of ice. Learn how to make these and then, let your inner artist out.   Follow me below to learn how to these make milky white ice pendants that are perfect canvases for kids to decorate with original designs or write messages on as seasonal greetings.
You can find this full post and tutorial over at the lovely Handmade Charlotte, so, just click here for the full post and to jump over to learn how to make these. You just have to try these!
As always, I’d love to see what you do with these and am so happy to meet you here.
Winter Outdoor Projectsb

Kids can create year around and if you’d like more posts like the Curate your Own Ice Art Gallery, click HERE for more ice Projects for kids! (And Adults, too)



Last, when I read this news from a friend who passed the news on to me, I had to read it twice and could hardly process the works: out of no where and unsolicited, I learned that willowday had been named The 10 Best DIY + Craft Blogs to follow in 2015 by Yahoo DIY — yes, Y-A-H-O-O! My hearts a flutter and the best words to describe the feeling are: yahoo! I am terrifically excited about the year to come and all that we’ll be able to do together! Looking forward to making it wonderful with you! Willowday Wishes!

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