10 Outdoor Winter Crafts




What to do in the winter with kids? 20 +, kid-tested, kid-approved winter ideas to get your kids outdoors, acitive, happy and creative. Water + 1 balloon.  You must have these supplies, too. These two elements are the starter kit for just one of these fantastic 10 Outdoor Winter Crafts —all “essential willowday.” All 10 ice projects are authentic and bright reasons to take your creativity outside that we just love and hope that you will, too!

There’s no stopping Mother Nature. Over the past month, our sun has barely risen above the horizon —  5 hours of day light, yes 5 — and now, snow. We’ve learned to embrace it and are currently  working on new creations, as well as, filling our front steps with household essentials: ice lanterns. Come out and play with us! Add a winter picnic, too! Follow below for all 10 to learn how. I’d love to see what you do with these tutorials …

(Warm weather readers: ice projects, such as icy treasure hunts, are among several projects that can work for you, too!…) 
Pictured Above:

6. Snow Writing | 7. Ice Art: Sand Bucket Ice Lanterns | 8. Mardi Gras Ice Art or Lanterns | 9. Big + Small for designmom: Colorful Ice Hangings for Small: Colorful Ice Hangings | 10.Ice Cups

… brighten and heighten a blustery day though creativity; inject a little winter adventure to out door play or distraction your young ones from the cold — encourage a creator, embrace the scientist . One doesn’t have to be a child to enjoy and make many of these these winter projects, either. Many of these projects are party perfect and just right for brightening a winter home — or weddings, too. I’d just love to see what you do! Happy Creating!


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