Leaf Cake Toppers


“National Leaf Week,  perhaps?” I can not resist the natural beauty of their leaf charms and added these tiny, floating, Leaf Cupcake Toppers to our party goods, yesterday. I’m head over heels with the results.

Last weekend, we gathered lots and lots of colorful leaves for wreath making (here | here).  I set aside …
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… all of the teeniest leaves, pressed them under a stack of cookbooks and … forgot about them. Yesterday, as I was tidying up the counter place in my kitchen for a party, I moved those misplaced cookbooks and out fluttered the most beautifully pressed, colorful, leaves. I understood instantly that I now had the perfect cake toppers. By pressing and drying the leaves for 5 days, their stems were as straight as pins and their shapes were perfectly preserved.  Click on read more to check out the results yourself!  Do you wan to make these, too? This is how I made them:
– Tiny, presses leaves with long, straight stems
– Something to press leaves with: Leaf press or stack of books
– Cupcakes or Cake
– Gather tiny leaves with long stems.
– Rinse, if desired.
– Dry.
– Press.
– Once dried and pressed, simply insert the stems into the cupcakes for naturally exquisite cake toppers.
Place on a serving tray and dazzle.
I loved having a mixture of colors and shapes and the way these big leaves seem to float about the cupcake. I’d love to see what you do with this, too.
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