Bat Lanterns

Bat Lanterns or Bat Treat Box Printables!


Are you looking for an easy little something for Halloween? In our house, we’ve become batty for bats and think that these little Bat Lanterns make wonderful guests. Do you think that you could go bats, too? As seen above, you can light these Bat Lanterns up with a LED tea light for this effect. We added a little string to the top of ours and have them hanging in our entry way.
These Bat Boxes make brilliant Halloween candy containers, too.  Cute for Trick or Treaters, parties or are also a cute and easy Halloween craft. Just continue below for a free printable! The instructions are included on the printable to make their assembly easier for you. We’d love it if you felt a little batty, too!

Template (See Printable Bat Lantern Printable, below)
Pencil, for tracing pattern onto the black construction paper
Black Construction Paper
Hole Punch
Scissors and/or Xacto knife, if you prefer
Tape (or glue if you prefer an invisible assembly)
LED Tea Light
– or fill with a Halloween treat!
Optional: We strung a ribbon through the top of our bats to make them hanging decorations.
To Make:
Click on either of the Bat Lantern Printables, below, for PDF. It comes in two sizes: US letter size or European A4. It was great meeting up with you again today and I hope that these little bats make wonderful house guests for you, too!
Free Printable Templates:
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