Thank you, Summer, for being you!


Dear September,

I’ve always remained resistant to your charms up until the very last minute. Like clockwork, though, now that you’ve arrived, I’m head over heels for you:

I want to work.

I want to organize.

I want to do.

I want to make the future happen now.

July and August, I felt like I could hold your hands forever. I stood still under your skies and basked in you. Now, I would like to say: same time, same place, next year. Ok? Be there.

I’ve fallen under the spell of September and there’s nothing to be done about it. What are you like in Australia or Argentina, I wonder? I’ve always lived in places with 4 Seasons. How do you embrace”September” in the southern hemisphere? Does living in 4 seasons affect you like it does me? Remember to keep July and August in your heart but, for now: September wishes to you all.



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