GIFT WRAP: An Apple for the Teacher


Oh, how I love these: Two in one wrappings — my favorites! These include a bookmark or a pen for teacher. “An apple for the teacher” is an unknown ritual here, in Sweden, but teachers always seem happy to receive our traditional gift with this sentiment. These are such a sophisticated but, sweet twist. This is one gift giving idea that I don’t hesitate repeating.


Click here, for full pocket wrap tutorial:  Follow these folding instructions but replace the heart with an apple for the teacher. Other samples of the pocket wrap: here and here.)


Writing Paper for wrapping
Apple Teacher Card or Red Bookmark

Let’s get started:

– First, size the paper to the box; add about 4-5 extra inches to the desired height.
(see upper right — note how the paper is folded down the middle)- Now, lay the paper flat, as you would typically wrap a present but, do not pull tightly.

– Lay the paper out flat and make a pocket fold in the middle of the paper.

– Wrap your present, keeping the middle pocket.

– Once the present is wrapped: slide your Teacher card or bookmark into the pocket.

Happy Gift Giving.

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