An Apple for Teacher 
(or you, too!)

Make shiny, sweet, apples  that will scent the house beautifully!
Apple4teacher 1600b

After gathering and saving our lavender this summer, we’ve made these to give to teachers.

There is something so wonderful about a handmade sachet to as a personal touch. I think an apple makes these all the sweeter.

These are cute enough to hang on a door handle, sit on a desk or to be slipped into a drawer.

I hope I can convince the kids to keep one for us, too! I would love to see your harvest, too!


Natural fiber fabric for Apple and leaves
Scissors (Pinking sheers, preferable)
Coordinating thread
Dried Lavender
decorative ribbon
circle template

Apple-supplies1600 HOW TO
Cut one circle paper template. Ours was approximately 10 inches wide.

Stitch a running stitch around the edge of the apple. This stitch will be pulled to gather the shape at the end, so make the stitches quite long and keep enough length at the ends of the thread.

Once the stitching is complete, gently begin to gather the edges by pulling the stitch until the apple looks like a bowl.

At this time, fill the fabric circle with lavender.

Carefully, pull and tighten the stitches and close the now circular, apple, shape.

Stitch the top of the apple closed so that  no lavender can escape.

Sew the leaves on securely.

Thread the heavier cord on needle and pull through the top, securing it and your apple should be complete.

If you prefer an apple that is more narrow at the bottom. Gather 3 small tucks around the bottom and carefully stitch these in matching thread.


I love to see your apples! I read all of your emails and you can also share these on  INSTAGRAM or  FACEBOOK . Use the tag #willowdayproject  toshare for others to find it easily, too.

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