Make clay alphabet containers

These Alphabet Containers started as an idea for a teacher gift but, we keep finding more reasons to make more of these great containers. I love presents that are personal, pretty and useful. Don’t you, too?

We painted these teacher presents white, so that they could be personalised with colorful content. As always we’d love to see how you use this tutorial, too! Willowday Wishes.
How to make Clay Alphabet Containers
The first step to attaching the sides to the base is to carefully bend the sides around the base, as seen in this photo. Once the sides have been fitted, then attach them to the base by first: pressing, then, pressing with moist fingers and/ knife.
Rolling PinPalette KnifeStraight Edge

Alphabet Cookie Cutters

Air-drying clay

-Roll the clay about 1/8″ inch or 3-4 mm thick.
– Press the cookie shape into the clay until letter(s) has been cut.
– Now, using a straight edge, “guestimate” the length of your sides and cut 2″ (4-5 cm) lengths that will become the sides. Make sure that you have enough length.
– Once the side strips have been cut, fit them around the edge of the letter, while gently pressing them to the base (see photo below).
– If the clay is dry, dip your fingers in water to moisten the clay at this point. Gently pinch and smooth the seam between the sides and the bottom; then, form the corners. Dip your fingers and/or knife into water to aid with the smoothing process of the seams, if necessary.
– Once all seams are sealed, let dry.
– When the clay is completely dry, sand the container with sand paper until smooth.
– Brush away any excess dust and the container is now ready for painting.
– We wanted a clean white container that could be filled with personalized content but, these can be painted as you please. I can’t wait to try a two-tone: white outside and gold inside.


Cookie Cutter Candle Stick Holders

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