How to make a Balloon Garland

How to make a Balloon Garland

Don’t you think balloon garland gives plain balloons more impact? Yesterday’s request for balloons in bed, made me want to share a tutorial for How to make a Balloon Garland today. This is a photo from our son’s 10th birthday. I was so pleased with how the Balloon Garland set the stage for his party. I couldn’t find instructions at the time and created this how-to below.

How to make a Balloon Garland

The principle for making these is simple:

  • Tie together 4 balloon to make a set of 4 balloons.
  • Continue creating sets of 4 balloons
  • thread these sets onto a string until you have reached the desired
  • How to make a Balloon Garland

Balloon GarlandThank you for joining me. I hope that you take away a little inspiration, imagination and a small little bit of Sweden, too! If you use this tutorial, I would love to see what you do with it. Share your willowday projects with me on Instagram and  FacebookWillowday Wishes Instagram –  Facebook – Pinterest 

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