Naturally Dyed Eggs

If these eggs were smaller, I think we could hide them in a Robin’s nest! Who knew that cabbage could produce such a robin’s egg blue? I’ve always wanted to try dying eggs naturally and this was such a fun experiment. I hope you have fun with this, too! Click below for full tutorial…

1 head Red Cabbage, shred
1 T. Vinegar
3 C. Water
How to:
Cabbage: Shred one head of red cabbage. Set cabbage in pan to boil.Cover cabbage with water (add more if necessary).
– Cover the pot and boil for 45 minutes to one hour.
– Remove pot from the heat and strain the cabbage out of the mixture.
– Add vinegar to this strained dye bath and let cool. Once cool, add eggs. For more intense color, leave in the cooled dye bath longer.
TIP: Since we wanted to have hollowed eggs, they floated. In order to get better coverage, we set the eggs in a mason jar and poured the dye bath over the eggs, covering them completely. If any eggs were floating, we’d turn the mason jar upside down in order to cover all eggs evenly. To reach the above color, we bathed the eggs overnight.

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