GIFT WRAP #4: Masquerade Gift Wrap

GIFT WRAP SERIES #4: Masquerade Gift Wrap


Today, I would like to present wrapping paper with a Mardi Gras mask: two presents in one. I was in Venice, last Spring, and the feather and silk masks that I saw there were really in my mind, as I wrapped these packages. Today, I wanted to create a simple, variation of those. When assembling this gift wrap, you can make your own masks, use pre-made ones or a blank craft mask (complete with a gift of glitter pens, is nice!) for the receiver to complete themselves. These packages could work for all ages.


Masquerade Gift Wrap

optional: replacement ribbon
gift wrap
How-To: 1) Wrap present. 2) Use a masquerade mask as the “ribbon” which will wrap around the package. The mask will set the tone for the package.

Note: The first time I wrapped a package in the style, I had a safari theme, in mind: wrapping a package brightly and using a tiger mask. Also, to add more pop, to a blank mask, I just made the hole, for the elastic band, larger and added strands of colorful ribbons to the sides. I will also add color-coordinated, crayons or glitter pens to the package so that it’s ready for the receiver to get down to decorating.

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