Make Pom-poms for ice skates


Do you remember having pompoms on your ice skates when you were a kid? We color made these as the “give aways,” complete with bells, for our daughter’s Ice skating birthday party!  We’re in love!



We’re having a blustery winter which made the perfect setting for our daughter’s Ice Skating Birthday Party. We knew that we’d skate the afternoon away and when this idea for bells and pom-poms popped into our imaginations, we’ve had so much fun making this party goods. Each of our 26 skating guests received little packages with their pom-poms when they arrived. Pom-poms were used throughout the day from overhead decorations to the gum-ball necklaces that were the take homes.

Tie these on your skates and you are ready to go!
I love to hear the delicate jingle as she swishes and swooshes.


We used the old-fashioned method: winding the yard around our fingers. Instructions for this method follow, but of course, if you have a pompom maker, those work well, too. There’s something so satisfying about such a simple project.
How to make Ice skate pompoms with bells

– Gather yarn, bells and scissors.

– Cut a piece of yarn that will be long enough to both secure your pompom and long enough that there will be enough to tie to your ice skates once finished.
– Wrap the yarn around your fingers. (For these pompoms, I wound it approximately 75 times.)
– Thread the yarn, which will already have the bell on it, through the center of the wound yarn (I find this easiest to do if you leave the yarn wound on your fingers; just moving your hand so that there’s a little tunnel to thread the yarn throw.
– Once the thread (yarn) is through, tie one side of the pompom securely.
– Remove from your fingers.
– Once removed, tie the entire piece, keeping even space on both the top and the bottom.
–  After you have tied this very securely, clip the edges of the yarn and begin shaping.
– Once shaped into a ball, make your second pompom. I clip this down a lot so that we have a compact pompom.
– Tie these on your skates and you are ready to go! Have fun skating!

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