Monica Karlstein and DIY Interior Book: “99 Hacks”

Book Recommendation: DIY Living Spaces (for you) & summer teen creativity (yay):

With our summer vacation unfolding, one of the things on my to-do- list is to find a creative summer kid project.

Since this is a regular part of our summers:  yes, there will be paint brushes + a busy kitchen; but, as the kids grow, so do their interests and one area that I think is really fun for them to express themselves is in their living spaces.  I’ve just pulled out my copy of “99 Hacks” for the kids to find and as a way to plant ideas for the kids (+ have found several for me, too)

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The New Artful Parent Book  

Isn’t there something special about watching your kids pull a book from the shelves, get lost in it’s contents and then see them set off to create an idea they’ve found on it’s pages. I think books like these bring meaningful adventures for you to take with your kids, through creativity, without having to step

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day if you are celebrating it in your corner of the world. My kids celebrate me on the Swedish date, May 26th;  but, I’m thinking of you — and my family abroad.

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Floral Mother’s Day Card Printable

Violets symbolise love in “the Language of Flowers ” so using violets to make a card for Mom feels like it’s sprinkling the day with extra love.  If you are a subscriber to willowday, you’ve already received these cards + other Mother’s Day links are already in your in-basket.  

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10 Spring Flower Quotes

10 Spring Flower Quotes for you to wish April showers away and welcome May flowers. Which quote fits you the best?  I feel like it must have been my Mother who first taught me the expression, “April Showers bring May flowers” but, I honestly don’t know: was it a story book or a teacher …  Grandmother?  I feel

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