24 Days of Scandinavian Creativity | Year 4

Hi. Here are 24 + Scandinavian – inspired holiday projects from last year’s day-by-day creative calendar, in one place, just for you.

Have you been following along these past 4 years, from December 1 – 24, for these 24 days of 24 + Scandinavian – inspired holiday projects that have been shared daily as a collaborative countdown creative calendar?

I’ll be hosting and sharing this daily project again here and on Instagram from December 1.  

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Sneak Peak: Fir Fox + friends go abroad (“My ABC Flower Safari”)

Here’s a little Sneak peek as “Fir Fox + Friends” traveled to Ami Maes  and her, Handmakery’s Studio, in Colorado to participate in an ABC FLOWER SAFARI exhibit and a collaboration last week! Fir Fox and 25 Friends — all made from flowers and hand-printed cardboard — served as my willowday Ambassadors and are a part of a

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Lilacpalooza, anyone?

I have lilac fever. Are you experiencing this too? I’m just going to call it for what it is: I’m on an all out “Lilacpallossa” this week. Join me?

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A Royal Wedding

I’m blushing but, not like a bride. I’m hoping to distract you from the fact that I’ve missed even saying hello in April or May. I’d like to invite you, instead, to jump right back into willowday with me.  I do have this foliage portrait of a blushing Megan Markle as a bride that I

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Floral Bunnies

Making Easter Cards is a tradition in Sweden and they’re front and center today because, in Sweden, today is the day where kids traditionally dress up like witches and go from door to door, trick or treating; leaving handmade cards in exchange for candy! (or for a few, bunny oranges) 

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